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Tinus Le Roux


Fill your stadium – digitally.

We absolutely loved the Bundesliga activation that saw thousands of fans pay to have a cutout of themselves placed in their venue. It's original, fans loved it, and the earned media value must have been even more than the club hoped for in their wildest…
Tinus Le Roux
May 27, 2020
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Zoom backgrounds for #sportsbiz folks

Seeing that most of our friends in the sports industry are spending an inordinate amount of time in video calls these days, we thought you might find some use for some proper backgrounds ;)1. Click on the thumbnail to open the larger image2. Right-click and…
Tinus Le Roux
March 30, 2020
Company news

Wrapping up NFL 2019/20

It's been another great year for us in the NFL.Long time clients Putnam Investments renewed through 2022 and we were therefor able to capture our 5th consecutive season at the New England Patriots. That means that we've captured every single fan attending a game at…
Tinus Le Roux
February 6, 2020
Rio de Janeiro Olypmics citycam
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Panasonic Find Your Dreams CityCam

The iconic Rio de Janeiro cityscape has been captured in extreme high resolution for the Olympic as well as the Paralympic Games 2016. Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio's most iconic symbol, lies in the southeastern part of the Brazilian city. Using a Panasonic Lumix, about 10,000 pictures…
Tinus Le Roux
August 19, 2016
Fancam British Open Stenson
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First Nikon Fancam at the 2016 British Open

Fancam was there to capture the crowds and the occasion during golf’s oldest championship, the British Open, at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at Troon, Scotland. The championship turned out to be a historic one with winner Henrik Stenson breaking two records as well…
Tinus Le Roux
July 17, 2016
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What a massive wipeout tells you about Fancam

In-house photographic genius and Fancam co-founder, James Taylor, participated in his first Big Wave Tour event this weekend. James being James, decided to charge the biggest set of the morning and got annihilated in the process. Watch the video of the incident here While a business blog…
Tinus Le Roux
January 18, 2016

We made the playoffs!

Happy to announce that we'll be capturing 3 out of the 4 NFL Playoff games this weekend. The Patriots game will be captured on behalf of the wonderful people at Putnam Investments. It will be our 9th of the season at Foxborough, making the Patriots…
Tinus Le Roux
January 16, 2016

Texans: lost the game, loved the picture

We captured our first Fancam of the Houston Texans last week (01/09/2016) and it was a fascinating project on many levels. The team lost in a very disappointing manner, but the engagement on the Fancam was exceptional. We saw more than 100 000 people interacting with…
Tinus Le Roux
January 15, 2016

Putnam Investments goes long on the Patriots Fancam

We're excited to announce that Fancam will be capturing every single 2015 home game of the New England Patriots for Putnam Investments. Mark McKenna, head of global marketing at Putnam Investments, explains how they came to their decision: "Building upon the success of our one-game sponsorship…
Tinus Le Roux
September 3, 2015

A thank you note to Cape Town… Fancam-style

Being a global company, we don't often get the chance to showcase our technological abilities in our backyard, so last week we launched a microsite to do just that. The Cape Town in 360° project (currently) consists of two gigapixel images, one captured from Devil's…
Tinus Le Roux
July 17, 2015
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1.8 million branded selfies

2014 was a great year for Fancam in College Football. By capturing 1.8 millions fans on behalf of 4 brands we essentially generated 1.8 million branded selfies in 14 weeks. Beyond the staggering numbers what was most exciting about 2014 was the quality of the brands…
Tinus Le Roux
January 19, 2015