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Mars 360º
Click on image to got to Mars

In early March 2020, NASA published an incredible gigapixel image captured by the Mars Rover.
Now, if you know anyone who works at Fancam, you’ll be able to attest to the fact that we’re all a little OCD when it comes to gigapixel images. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time working with this medium, but the bottom line is: They need to be RIGHT!

A good gigapixel image needs to have:
1. Extreme high resolution (obviously)
2. Be in focus
3. Have no stitching errors
4. Be immersive

The NASA image ticked the box on #1-#3, but unfortunately it isn’t particularly immersive.

(side note: immersive content is important because it make us ‘feel like we’re there’, making it easier for our brains use natural methods of experiencing and learning.)

Anyway, our team is the best in the world at creating these high resolution immersive experiences so we:

  • downloaded the NASA image
  • added some sky (from other NASA images)
  • ‘warped’ the resulting image into an immersive viewer

So here you go, the new and improved immersive version of the incredible NASA image that allows you (and your kids) to get a an idea of what it would actually look like if you stood on the surface of Mars.