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Give your fans an interactive, behind the scenes experience that highlights the best of your facilities, and puts them in someone else’s shoes.

What would it feel like to stand in the middle of the locker room?

What’s the view like from those VIP suites?

How does it feel to be in the War Room on Draft Day?

Keep your fans engaged by allowing them to ‘step inside’ your world in high definition 360º, and drive engagement value for partners by adding custom branding, full VR compatibility, embedded videos, sweepstakes, scavenger hunts, narration, and more.

Here are a couple of examples to help get those creative juices flowing…

Standard 360º – Click on the image below to explore a rugby locker room in high resolution 360º.

Now add VR – All of our 360º content is also fully VR compatible. If you have a headset, do yourself a favor and see what it feels like to be Bono.

Or go completely virtual – This is an interesting example. The 360º environment we’ve created below does not exist in real life. It’s a fabricated virtual art venue and used as a ‘space’ to display different pieces of art. It allows you to ‘walk’ through the venue and even zoom in on different exhibitions.

It’s ideal for rendering future spaces (new venues) or augmenting existing ones. It even presents the possibility to create a completely virtual Hall of Fame.

There is no limit to what can be done by merging the real and the virtual in this manner.

We all miss sports. Let’s give fans something to remind them why they love the game.