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2014 was a great year for Fancam in College Football. By capturing 1.8 millions fans on behalf of 4 brands we essentially generated 1.8 million branded selfies in 14 weeks. Beyond the staggering numbers what was most exciting about 2014 was the quality of the brands involved and the ways in which they used the technology to support their existing campaigns. Coke Zero, GEICO, Enterprise and Taco Bell all used the consumer attention Fancam delivered to communicate different messages. We love that! A few statistical points of interest:
  1. Mobile is it: 70% of traffic was mobile.
  2. Sharing is caring: Each shared tag generated an average of 10 clicks.
  3. Time is money: Our average time on site was 4 times higher than that of the top 150 sports related sites on the web.
  4. ROI is interesting: When compared to television ads aired during the same games, Fancam delivered consumer attention at half the cost. Case study here.

there are 20 000 dots on this image. imagine 90 of whatever device you’re using to view this – that’s 1.8 million dots