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Custom Installation Solutions for Every Venue

Robotics + Automation = in-game delivery of the highest quality VR imaging in the world. With unobtrusive, remote controlled, installed cameras, Fancam can capture fans at any time during a game... multiple times a game.

Why an Installation?


Reduced Cost

It's significantly more cost effective to capture every game versus one game here or there.

In-Game Delivery of Content

The rapid production time that accompanies installation allows for in-game delivery of Fancam.

Multiple Fancams Per Game

With cameras in the venue, we can capture multiple Fancams a game, giving fans the ability to view multiple images of themselves and choose which they want to share.

Stats Don't Lie

With 50 consecutive games for the New England Patriots we've seen 30% year on year growth in engagement. The 1st Daytona 500 Fancam had 6,000 page views... 4 Fancams later - 150,000 page views.

Zero Logistical Burden

With an installation there's o need to worry about field/court access for a photographer or when the Fancam can be captured.

Works In Any Venue

Whether it's an arena, stadium, ballpark, or amphitheater... we have a solution for every venue.