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We captured our first Fancam of the Houston Texans last week (01/09/2016) and it was a fascinating project on many levels. The team lost in a very disappointing manner, but the engagement on the Fancam was exceptional. We saw more than 100 000 people interacting with the image within the first 24 hours and the feedback was amazing. The interesting part about this is that we’ve seen it time and time again. While teams and brands often think the result or importance of a game has the biggest impact on engagement ROI, it’s simply not the case. If you have good quality content that fans care about, the single most important engagement driver is in fact a solid communication strategy. In this particular case both the Texans and Academy Sports (the sponsor) understood the value of a good communication strategy and followed through with it despite the loss – and that’s the reason for the great engagement. It’s simple, really: Fans care about pictures of themselves at events they care about. If you let them know you have some, they’ll engage. If you don’t, they won’t.

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