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Being a global company, we don’t often get the chance to showcase our technological abilities in our backyard, so last week we launched a microsite to do just that. The Cape Town in 360° project (currently) consists of two gigapixel images, one captured from Devil’s Peak and the other from a rooftop in the city centre. The Devil’s Peak image is 600 000 pixels in width, making it one of the highest resolution images in the world and the biggest ever created of Cape Town. (Click here to explore.) The city center view, which is 200 000 pixels in width, has special significance to us here at Fancam as it was taken from the same location as our first gigapixel image back in 2009. As this project is a labour of love and there was no client involved, we didn’t do much to promote it. Founder Tinus le Roux tweeted the link, team members posted to their friends on Facebook – and soon the image spread like wildfire. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the messages and compliments from around the world and humbled by all the media acclaim from,, Netwerk24, Traveller24,, and others. It seems there are quite a lot of people out there who love Cape Town as much as we do and it was unbelievably gratifying to create something which allowed them to explore our beloved Mother City from new and interesting perspectives. We will be expanding the Cape Town in 360° in the coming weeks and months by adding additional never-before-seen content to the site. In the meantime, let us know what you think! Have you found something interesting in the streets of Cape Town, or on Table Mountain perhaps? Do you have any ideas of what we can capture next? Leave your comments on the Cape Town in 360° site or on our Facebook page and sign up on the image to get notified when we release new content. For those curious to see what we do as a ‘day job’ here are two of our most recent projects: UEFA Champions League Finals and the NBA Finals.




  • Brett says:

    Simply incredible! I can actually find my house! (Northern Suburbs!) Am hoping Lion’s Head is a still a possibility!

  • Brett Smith says:

    I view these images multiple times a week! Fantastic work on this! I am still hoping you will upload the Lion’s Head view ^.^