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We made the playoffs!

Happy to announce that we'll be capturing 3 out of the 4 NFL Playoff games this weekend. The Patriots game will be captured on behalf of the wonderful people at Putnam Investments. It will be our 9th of the season at Foxborough, making the Patriots…
Tinus Le Roux
January 16, 2016

Texans: lost the game, loved the picture

We captured our first Fancam of the Houston Texans last week (01/09/2016) and it was a fascinating project on many levels. The team lost in a very disappointing manner, but the engagement on the Fancam was exceptional. We saw more than 100 000 people interacting with…
Tinus Le Roux
January 15, 2016

Putnam Investments goes long on the Patriots Fancam

We're excited to announce that Fancam will be capturing every single 2015 home game of the New England Patriots for Putnam Investments. Mark McKenna, head of global marketing at Putnam Investments, explains how they came to their decision: "Building upon the success of our one-game sponsorship…
Tinus Le Roux
September 3, 2015