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The past weekend saw the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Finale hosted in top fashion at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, under Mr. Nelson Mandela’s watchful eye (see if you can spot his statue in the Fancam!). One of the world’s leading brands was back for the 5th time to use Fancam as their ultimate fan-engagement platform. See previous Red Bull Fancam examples here: Red Bull Flugtag Cape Town, Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Red Bull Flugtag Ukraine and Red Bull Flugtag Moscow. The X-Fighters Fancam includes special features to provide an immersive experience for fans who attended as well as those who could not. See the top three riders in mid-air stunts, vote for the craziest fan of the day, watch highlights videos and find the hidden rider in the crowd. (But we’ll understand if you just spend your day panning around the crowd… we too think it’s a pretty awesome pic!) View the Red Bull X-Fighters 2014 Fancam here.