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Behind every successful Fancam there’s a tailored promotional strategy to help get the message to the fans. While there are a multitude of tactics used in this regard, videos of athletes promoting the project are amongst the most effective …… and fun. Here are our top 3 promotional videos, starring athletes: 1) Number 1 on the list is the Manchester City players explaining Fancam better than many of our sales staff. The fact that Mario Balotelli was involved was a bit nerve racking from a brand perspective, but he ended up being the star of the show. 2) The Welsh Rugby Team had a bit of fun with it as well. Special mention to Lee Halfpenny for his wonderfully nuanced performance. 3) For the Emirates Fancam at Real Madrid, the message was more straight forward, but we thought Ronaldo did a great job and it’s wonderful to hear it in Spanish To view the respective Fancams created for each of these campaigns, here are the links Manchester City The Millennial Stadium in Wales Real Madrid    

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