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In a recent activation for the Kansas City Chiefs, we put our innovation caps on (not that we ever take them off…) and integrated the Chiefs’s loyalty system into the Fancam. What better way than to engage their fans directly and boost loyalty?! Here is how this was achieved: Kingdom Pass members were offered a customized Fancam experience, including access to premium Chiefs video content embedded within the Fancam. Once logged in, Kingdom Pass members had the opportunity to earn points, redeemable in-stadium, by interacting with the Fancam, by tagging, sharing, viewing videos and creating digital postcards. 77% of Kingdom Pass members who logged into the Fancam earned points through engagement actions, providing higher-than-average engagement rates with the Fancam. Summary of Kingdom Pass members’ engagement:
  • completed video:  50%
  • tagged themselves:  44%
  • shared the Fancam on Facebook:  34%
  • downloaded or shared a branded digital eCard: 23%
Explore the KC Chiefs Fancam here.